Creative Double Wall Hanging Soap Box

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Name: Double Grid Soap Holder

Color: Grey/White/Khaki

Specifications: Single grid/Double grid

Size: Single cell-12*10*4.5cm, Double grid-25.5*10*4.5cm

(manual measurement, if there is any error, please refer to the actual product)


1. Vertical Soap Box Double Box Flip Lid Drain Soap Dish , one box one soap, independent compartment

2. Clamshell design, soap does not soak water, is not easy to soften, and does not drip

3. Made of ABS material, simple and elegant appearance, drawer-type drain pan, easy to clean

4. Hidden retractable small hook, which can hang small accessories such as watches, hair rings, rings

5. Perforation-free and seamless sticking, waterproof and moisture-proof, stable load-bearing, not easy to fall

6.Keep the bathroom and kitchen countertops clean and fresh