Fine Smoke 20 Pack Cigarette Case USB Rechargeable Cigarette Case Integrated Lighter Cigarette Set

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Charging lighter

At present, charging lighter of the market has two categories: electric tungsten wire cigarette lighter and arc pulse lighter.

1. Tungsten wire cigarette lighter, cheap and lightweight, some styles can be replaced with tungsten wire, durable

2. Arc cigarette lighter, with double wire and single wire, arc ignition is fast and easy to use.

3. The charging time of charging lighter is about 2 hours, which can be charged with Universal USB 2.0 interface, universal phone charging plug, car charger, computer USB port, etc. Some of them are equipped

IV. Warning

1. Do not put this product into water or other liquid, otherwise it will cause short circuit.

2. Please disconnect the power supply in time after charging (generally the full charging time is 2 hours). Do not connect the battery that has been charged to the power supply for a long time. Overcharging will shorten the service life of the battery;

3. When the battery power will be exhausted, the arc spark duration will be shortened. Please charge it in time. Charging it immediately before the battery is completely discharged will prolong the service life of the battery;